Son: Dad I have a investment plan for you, wanna hear?

Father: Investment? Okay go ahead. At least you have something to offer now.

Son: Dad I want you to invest 10,000 bucks in a guitar for me and I’ll return you the amount within an year!

Dad smirked and said I have invested more than 10 Lakhs in your junior and senior schooling and what you gave me was 50% after promising a 90%. Do you want me to trust you again?


Most of us can see a contempt in the eyes of our parents when we fail to score good in our senior and junior school examination. According to our parents it is the base of our our career and yes they are right in all the way. We get an option to choose our stream as soon as we complete 10th standard. Almost 60% of the population choose science 30%to 35% commerce and  remaining 5% is adjusted by subjects of humanity and arts. Although we get to choose streams at that time, the final compartments are made only after 10th results. After the results are declared some of them are shoved by their school to change their stream on the basis of percentage. This is why a proper education in 10th standard is important because you get to choose your subjects on basis of it. Most of the students who choose science opt to go after Iit’s or medical studies by moving there way to coaching centers, where they study hard to score marks to get a good rank to join their respective universities. Commerce student opt to practice CA, CMA and CS as early career option. Most of Humanity and arts students opt for creativity such as journalism, history or social relationship as their field of study.


This is just a skeleton of “vast body mass of movement from junior school to senior school”. In which field you want to go?, each an every individual must have heard this sentence in early senior school days, and most of them must have thought of saying singer, dancer, actor, social worker, cricketer and many more, however what come out of there mouth is Engineer, doctor, Pilot, CA, CS. This is where we lack and millions of dreams die. If you have a passion to do something, buy some courage to show it. Your parents are not reposible for your happiness, you are. Remember the conversation initial conversation between a dad and his son, what if he would have told him, he wants to do something in the field of music, his father must have scolded him, however at the end of the day his father had to show his belief in the passion of his son. The morale is the you become mature when you move from 10th stard to 12th standard and you get to decide what you want. Engineering, MBBS, CA is not what we call study, these are parts of study and so as music, dance or acting. So choose your career wisely, do whatever it takes. If you do not have the courage to do so, ask them to provide you proper counselling they will change the mindset of your parents for you, if you will show them them your anxiety to what you want, they will certaintly invest their trust in you.


We as an unit are here to help you to choose your career, we have started this thread to help you out to what you want in your life. Do remember this phase of 10th and 12th will never come back in your life, because as soon as you pass there is no option to look back. If you want a government job and it is your peak interest go for it, there are thousands of exam that federal and state government organise for students, such as SSC, CGL, NDA, CAT and many more which are hard to count to count on fingures. If you have the interest to move out of country, we do have options for them also. We GRE, Illets, GMAT, TOEFL and SAT.


“Life only give options, pick the correct one and excel your choice”