Humanities or Arts, the widest study option

Humanities or Arts, the widest study option

As a student if you are keen into studies and aspire to learn most of the things, Humanities is the perfect stream. With Humanities a student gets to study wide range of subjects. If you are thinking ‘What to choose after Class X’, Humanities can be great opportunity for your career, as the wide range of subjects offer great career options.

Meaning of Humanities

Defining humanities is a difficult task. However, it can be said in a few words that it is an academic discipline which deals with the study of the ‘Human Condition’, utilizing methodologies that are usually analytical, critical or speculative.

Science V/S Humanities

Humanities as a stream !

Humanities is one of the most underrated streams of all. It is a common myth, well circulated among the Indian psyche, that the Arts/Humanities streams is for students who are “not smart enough” for studying either Science or Commerce. The plethora of career options that are open for a student who has chosen the Humanities stream is vast. Far from being the last resort when no other stream can be chosen, the Humanities is a wide field of study, with extremely interesting and mind-stimulating career options galore.

Humanities is the study of human culture. For this reason, humanities courses vary widely in scope and are available at all levels of college study. Some college-level humanities courses focus on Western culture, while others address cultures all across the globe.The wide range of subjects that come under the umbrella term of Humanities range from history, languages, literature, law, philosophy, religion, performing arts, anthropology, communication, sociology, psychology and many more.

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